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I finally got to reveal the names of the TWO new members of the Love Like Hers team. I was unable to do so until they had seen the 2nd draft of the screenplay for Love Like Hers. Fortunately, they liked the screenplay and gave the thumbs and have now signed up for the project. Now try to imagine the smile I have on my face as a result of this great news 🙂

So, let me introduce you to the new members of the Love Like Hers team:

Danny Stack, Script Editor

Danny is an established writer, he has worked for some of the biggest film companies in the world as script analyst (including Pathe, Working Title and Miramax). He also writes for BBC TV series Eastenders as well as other TV shows. On top of all his writing jobs and other commitments, Danny also looks after an incredibly popular blog on screenwriting. The blog features a massive amount of incredibly interesting and priceless information, hints and tips on becoming a better writer. Please do check out his blog here.

I am very honoured to have Danny on the team as Script Editor, I just know that with his input we’re going to end up with a fantastic screenplay for my film.

Leoni Kibbey, Casting Director

Leoni is a very busy Casting Director with an incredible CV. She has worked on short and feature length films with budgets of between £150,000 to £6 million. Leoni has also worked on large commercial, music video, TV and radio projects. To find out more about Leoni’s work, check out her IMDB page here.

I am so very pleased Leoni has agreed to offer her services for this film. It is VERY important that we get a very high calibre cast for Love Like Hers. With Leoni on the team, I am more than sure we will achieve this.

The Love Like Hers team is developing at a great pace and I hope to announce more new members in the very near future. I’m hot in pursuit of an Editor, Set Designer, Production Manager, Sound Engineer, PR person and more. If you are interested in any of these positions and getting involved with Love Like Hers, please do email me you details here.

UPDATE: I host a fortnightly show on my Livestream Channel, a kind of extension of my blog you could say. The last show, episode 8 is now available to view again if you missed it last Friday. Go to my Livestream page here to see previous episodes. Hope you can tune in for the next live show which will be on Friday 30th April at 6.30pm GMT UK. 

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