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Thursday 20th May, 9pm. The start of what was a hugely successful 24 hour non-stop live broadcast to help raise more funds for my next film Love Like Hers. It took one huge monumental effort but I managed to make it all the way through the 24 hours and beyond.

The show had everything, technical problems at the start, a live musical concert, great guest videos, live filmmaker’s chat, excitement, me fighting the urge to sleep and even an after show party live on the air where I may have gotten a little tipsy on champagne.

And what a show it was. Our own little piece of crowd funding history. We raised £1,045 in 24 hours with one huge effort in the last few hours of the show.

Another very successful side of the show was the networking and interaction between other indie filmmaker’s around the world. Infact, this element of the show was so successful I have decided to introduce a more interactive element to my fortnightly live show.

The next live show, Episode 11 of The Filmmaker’s Journey with new interactive elements will be Friday 4th June at 6.30pm UK on my Livestream Channel http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm

Also, if you would like to contribute and help me get my next film made, please do visit the dedicated Love Like Hers fund raising page http://www.lovelikehers.com/funds

Thanks for stopping by and for your continued support.


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