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So here I am, sharing my journey as a filmmaker. Now deep in pre-production on my next film, a short psychological thriller called Love Like Hers.

The first major hurdle I’m having to jump is, believe it or not, finding the locations for my film. I originally tried doing this by myself – which ended up being way to stressful and non-productive. I’m now working with several individuals who are helping advise – less stressful. The production assistant for the film, Bethan Davies, is currently taking on the responsibility for finding appropriate locations and making contacts and arranging recce times etc. This really has lifted the pressure from my shoulders.

We’ve found one of six locations needed for Love Like Hers. I’m out with Bethan later today to recce a second location at a private hospital. They’ve shown an interest in us filming at their premises and I’m looking forward to the recce and chatting to the contact over their to talk about shoot logistics etc.

So far I’ve learnt that you should include funds in your shooting budget to pay for locations. Even if it’s just a very small amount. You’ll get so much more out of the location and all those involved if you’re willing to part with some cash. I’ve also learnt that MOST people LOVE the idea of a film being shot on their premises, it’s the whole showbiz element of the film industry.

I think the big struggle as far as locations go on this film, will be finding the ‘road in the middle of nowhere’ and getting permission to shoot their. We have a road in mind and I will be looking at this location this week.

Initial thoughts/summary on locations:
1. ALWAYS think about sound. Is your location near a busy road etc?
2. Try to use private properties where possible – easier to get permission. Less red tape.
3. Remember to put a few pounds to one side in the budget to pay for certain locations.
4. Be very open and honest with what the shoot involves – i.e. stunts, duration etc.
5. Try using Google Earth for scouting for exterior locations – it really does work.

Don’t forget to check out my YouTube page (http://www.youtube.com/dannylaceyfilm) for LOTS of behind the scenes type videos!

Plenty more updates to come, thanks for stopping by.

e: dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk
t: 0113 815 2005

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