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Angel of the Night, my short horror film, will be going through the final stages of post-production this week for the directors cut. I’m hoping to end up with a fast paced four minute film that delivers the simple story I wrote a few weeks back, along with a nice simple twist at the end.

In the meantime, I’ve put together some of the footage shot behind the scenes by Andy Langford and uploaded onto my YouTube film page. It’s in two five-minute sections. Part one is online to view right now, the second part will be on very soon.


Also, I’m working on another two short movie ideas that I hope to shoot over the next six months. The first of these will be an x-files-style science fiction thriller and the other an emotional love story with a little added comedy (start the violins).

Keep visiting the blog for more updates.

UPDATE: Both parts of the behind the scenes videos are now active on my YouTube film page.

Thanks for stopping by and please do take a few minutes to visit my YouTube film page.


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