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As good news goes, this is pretty bloody amazing and another example of how approaching people with the right kind of attitude and enthusiasm can actually get you somewhere.

I’m pleased to announce yet another brilliant addition to the Walk Away creative team with artist Steve Simmons coming onboard to help out with conceptual drawings, storyboards and the movie poster for my short film Walk Away.

Steve recently designed the movie poster for, wait for it, Les Miserables! Crikey indeed. He’s also worked on many other film and TV projects both in Hollywood and the UK. The core part of his work is concept art, storyboard artist, illustration and animation. His drawings speak for themselves, his body of work is simply stunning, and what a great eye for framing too.

Steve has initially agreed to help me with approx 15 conceptual drawings that will help bring the World of Walk Away to life, as well as a handful of storyboards and a movie poster, these will be used to help raise the profile of the project.

As soon as we’ve raised a significant amount of the budget for the film, Steve will then work on more storyboarding, only this time with payment for his art and efforts.

Please do take a look at Steve’s work here www.airworksart.com and over on his IMDb page.


I often get asked about how I manage to attract experienced and talented professionals like Steve to my short film projects, it’s that old adage, if you don’t ask you don’t get. It also helps if you have contacts, it was my good friend Raffaello Degruttola (Host) who introduced me to Steve. I then got in touch and explained as much as I could about the film, what I needed and then some background about me and my work. I’ve spent the last three years building up my work and online presence and that has a significant impact on generating interest for my projects. Don’t forget, these guys get tons of requests every week, why should they work on your project? What’s attractive about what you are doing?

So the Walk Away team is building at quite a rate and I’m about to start writing the first draft of the screenplay after weeks of development and knocking the story in to shape.

Keep your eye on the Walk Away Facebook page, Twitter and the website for all the latest with plenty more news to come over the next few months as we head closer to a fund raising campaign and pre-production.

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