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Things have been incredibly manic since I made my first short film, Angel of the Night. Business is hectic and I’m developing several future film and TV ideas. It is so very important to keep things moving.

My next project will be another short film, a tragic love story. I’m still developing the story and hope to write a proper first draft within the next week or so. This short film doesn’t have a title yet, still working on that, and the logline. Despite close to zero budget, I’m aiming quite high when it comes to the production value of this short film. I’m going to do absolutely everything I can to shoot this on the RED camera. This means I’ll be needing a bigger crew! I also want to work with a professional editor who can comfortably work with the RED files etc. I’ll keep you posted on how I get on.

I’m also working on what I want to be an 8 part, sci-fi, thriller, mystery, action packed web series. Principal photography planned for the end of 2010. More to come on that one in a week or two.

And finally, I’ve been working on an investment proposal document that I hope will interest potential investors and sponsors. I’m looking for a business or individual to sponsor my career for a two year duration. I’m just ironing out all the finer details and trying to make this a VERY attractive package for interested parties. I will upload this document onto the blog when it’s done – would be great to get some feedback on it.

Thanks for visiting, must now get on with some more film development.


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  1. synapticlight

    Very cool.
    I too am creating short films with a bunch of guys, we just finished one that is due to be submitted to a competition as soon as the score is done.
    Interesting to see your journey in making short films 🙂



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