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Behind the scenes video, a rare Doctor Who insight from John Guilor during the recording session for some lost scenes. Full story below and check out the blog for more http://www.dannylaceyfilm.co.uk

In 1964 the Doctor Who serial ‘Planet Of Giants’ was reduced from a 4 part story to a 3 part story at the request of Head Of Serials at the BBC, Donald Wilson. The material was edited and the lost scenes were destroyed. In 2011, 2/Entertain and BBC Worldwide made the decision to produce a reconstructed version of the story by inserting the newly recorded scenes back into the original material – the visuals will ‘more than likely’ be animation or photo stills of the original cast. John Guilor play’s the first Doctor (as originally played by William Hartnell) along with Katherine Mount as Barbara Wright and the surviving original cast members: Carole Ann Ford as Susan and William Russell as Ian Chesterton.

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