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This was my first outing operating the RED ONE MX. A just for fun and freebie music video for Jade Helliwell. This was an opportunity for me to work with the camera and learn! There’s a few shots that I didn’t quite get the exposure right on, we used a few LED panels and a redhead to add some key and fill light, however I don’t think I got this quite right in parts. Some of the shots look like Jade is performing against a green screen, a lot to do with the lighting. A great experience shooting with the camera though and I think we got some lovely shots.

The artist is Jade Helliwell who is a promising new country artist who writes her own songs, I have to say – she is a fabulous songwriter!

The location was an old mill in Halifax. Shot on the RED ONE MX with 16mm lenses (10.5mm – 180mm Canon zoom and 9.5mm and 50mm Zeiss primes)

Cinematography: Danny Lacey
Edited: Danny Lacey (Premiere Pro CS5.5, graded with Red Giant Mojo)
With thanks to Steve McAleavy for helping out during the shoot.


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