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So, hours of preparation, blagging and organising over the last three weeks and the big day is almost here. On set tomorrow morning at 9.15, the shooting schedule is going to be so very tight so I’ll have to make sure I’m at the very top of my game to keep everything moving in the right direction.

I’ve done everything I could possibly do for tomorrow. However, I’m sure I’ll have forgotten something – the skill is working round any issues that might arise and getting the best out of the resources available.

Will be chatting to David Beaumont the DoP later this afternoon to go through a few finer details for tomorrow. There’s also the small task of some fake blood to make later today, got the golden syrup and red food colouring ready for action.

The next post will be later in the week where I hope to upload the behind the scenes video blog and some stills from the shoot.

Thanks again for visiting and do come back soon!


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