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It’s been months of preparation, notes and brainstorming but at last I finally find myself at the stage to start writing draft one for my short movie ‘P.I.’

I’ve got the story, the plot structure, the character biogs, refined the twists and turns and set the scenes. Now all I have to do is write the screenplay. Easier said than done right!

I’m really looking forward to working on the screenplay and it will be made so much easier after all of the preparation. I have a very clear vision for the story, I feel like I know all of the characters inside and out and I am satisfied with the plot and story twists.

I want this short to be filmed in early 2010, and I want a very high production value as I have every intention on entering this movie into festivals around the globe. No pressure then!

It’s the very early stages at the moment but early calculations suggest the budget for this project will be in the region of £15,000 to £20,000. Now unfortunately I don’t have that kind of change in my pockets so I’ll be looking for ways to raise the money needed to get the cameras rolling.

Keep visiting for more on what I intend on being a very exciting journey!!

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  1. indiemoviemaker

    Hey man, all the best with your project. Sounds a little pricey for a short, but hey, you know what you want. I would suggest a feature for that though, as it will open a lot more doors for you.

    Anyway, all the best with your project. I will follow your progress via your twitter updates.



  2. drettworlb

    Goodluck with the short – hope it goes well. Having gone thru the process of self-funding a short (and even having some success from it – http://shootingpeople.org/watch/film.php?film_id=73618) I would suggest keeping your budget as low as possible. It's a lot of change to drop on a showcase/calling card piece. I dropped quite a bit on mine and although I'm happy with the result, in highsight I think I still could have got a great result via some cheaper options without losing out on any quality. Plus even with distribution and awards etc taken into account, what you invest into your short is all money that you will never see back. Set your budget to what you can afford.


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