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I’ve booked my ferry tickets for my trip to the Isle of Man in early February. This trip will be part of the pre-production process for my debut short movie project ‘Crash’.

A very good friend of mine, Dave Armstrong, has kindly agreed to help me with this project. I’ll be talking to him about the logistics of getting the shots needed from the screenplay. I’ll also be looking at locations, cast and crew etc.

For those not in the know about the Isle of Man, it’s a hotbed of film activity. Some major films staring major A-list actors have been produced out there! It has its own film commission and industry structure ready to service movie projects on the Island. There are also a variety of grants etc available. It’s worth checking out their website http://www.gov.im/dti/iomfilm/

I’ll be shooting a video blog of my visit to the island, that will be posted on my blog after I return. All I have to do now is compile a to-do list for my visit.

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