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Snapchat has been here for a while now, favoured by the younger generation as a cool way to communicate with their friends. That’s all changing now as us older folk move in. The premise is simple, ten second videos of stuff you’re doing at that moment. You can send these short clips directly to other friends on the platform, or you can add them to ‘My Story’ which is a rolling 24 hour playback of your clips. You can also add cool filters, text, emoji’s and tons of other fun stuff (including the incredibly addictive face-swap).

What could Snapchat do for indie film makers? 
You’re on set, you’re in the edit, you’re writing your script, you’re scouting for locations – shoot a short behind the scenes video clip and add it to ‘My Story’. It’ll be there for the next 24 hours for your followers to view. Another window in to your world and let’s be honest, we’re all incredibly nosey and we like to see what other folk in our industry are up to.

Bonus feature – you can download your ‘My Story’ videos on to your phone to keep forever. Treat it like a video diary.

danny lacey snapchat pic

You can see who’s viewed your video clips

I’ve been using it for a while now and guess what…
I’m finding it incredibly addictive, easy to use and I can already see a little filmmaking community developing on Snapchat. Yes, I talk about what I’m doing behind the scenes at my little video media business (Stada Video) and that’s the whole point! Don’t be shy, share the cool stuff you’re working on – trust me, people LOVE to see that stuff. It might take a little time to get used to filming what you’re doing, talking to camera and all that but hey, communicating is all it is!

See the video above for a little extra insight in to how I’m using Snapchat and the response so far.

Finally, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Forget all the negative stuff you’ve heard and give it a go. Grab your phone and download Snapchat right now and start sharing the cool stuff you’re doing. Give advice on the subject you know lots about and help inspire others. Share YOUR art!

First things first though – add me dannylaceyfilm on Snapchat, I’ll add you back as I really want to see what you’re up too.

I did go through a phase of uploading my daily snaps on to YouTube, check out the playlist below, it might give you some ideas.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post, hopefully you found it useful. Please do share with your friends and send me an email dannylacey@stadagroup.co.uk with your thoughts and feedback on what else we could be doing on this site to improve and make the experience better.

Have confidence in what you do and where you want to go in life. People will never quite understand what drives you but never let their lack of understanding effect your ambitions. Educate them! – DL

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