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I think I’m getting a little better at talking about what I’m doing and where I’m heading when it comes to my film making journey. Still a little wet behind the ears maybe, but certainly sounding a little more like I know what I’m doing.

My journey has stirred up quite a lot of interest recently, whether it be more followers on Twitter, good luck messages or requests for interviews etc., so knowing more about my trade is certainly very helpful. Especially when it comes to being interviewed.

David Allen of Mac20Q got in touch recently and asked if he could interview me for a podcast on his website. I said that would be lovely and so we arranged a date and time, the interview was then recorded via Skype and is now on his website and indeed on iTunes for all to hear.

I’ve had some great feedback from like minded film makers (some who are also in the early stages of their career), it sounds like the podcast is proving to be quite inspirational to a few – which is great!

Anyway, I really enjoyed the interview with David Allen, very nice chap. We talked about the process I go through for new film ideas, writing, storyboarding, directing, editing, hardware and software used, my next short film project, Love Like Hers and so much more. You can hear it for yourself here:


Hope you enjoy the conversation and many thanks for visiting!


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