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The screenplay is locked for what will be the third short film I have written, directed and produced, Host. The others being Angel of the Night and Love Like Hers.

We’ll be shooting the film in late October 2011, a one day, one location shoot.

Hopefully, this will give me plenty of time to prepare for filming. I’ve got my actors, location and most of the crew. The next big thing is production design, which will play a very important part in the film.

I was scouting for props today, props that will be almost like characters in the short film. So it’s important I find the right items. Luckily, my girlfriend’s parents own a business selling second hand household furniture and lots of other stuff. They often supply props to TV and film productions. The business is the Halifax Sell-It Centre, if you’re a producer or production designer it would be well worth you having them in your contacts list.

On the props list are items like a really old television, two old antique lamps, a scruffy leather arm chair, a very old camcorder and a few other bits.

It’s incredibly important to have old, antique looking items to fill our frame. It ads more character to the story and I think it ads a little more credibility to the film. For me, these older items are way more interesting than their modern equivalent.

I’m amazed at how production design can often be over looked my a lot of low budget short films. These productions can often get their hands on camera kit for next to nothing, but struggle to find items for front of camera that would probably add more in value with the finished film.

Getting the right location and props etc can really stretch the overall production value of your film – therefore, give it the time and effort it deserves. Always thinking of ways in which the surroundings can play a part in telling the story.

I’ve just set-up a Facebook page for Host, we need over 25 ‘likes’ before we can have our fancy vanity URL. So, please do click on over, there you will find lots of updates on the progress of what I’m confident will be a cracking short film.

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