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To celebrate the release of the DVD and Blu-Ray of my short film Love Like Hers on November 15th 2012, I’ve decided to release ‘teaser elements’ from three of my short films (Love Like Hers, Host and That Day) over the coming weeks.

The Love Like Hers DVD and Blu-Ray release will also feature Host and That Day as a free bonus, along with MANY other extra features including a new making of documentary for Love Like Hers. It’s all part of my self-distribution experiment.

To start, I wanted to share the epic soundtrack for Host, composed by Richard Bodgers especially for the film. I’ve been very lucky to be able to work with talented composers for all three of my short films, I’m a huge fan of music in films playing a pivotal part of the storytelling process.

Turn those speakers up!

Love Like Hers (including Host and That Day) is available to pre-order HERE, limited availability.

Check out the teaser trailer for Host below.

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