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Margaret Clunie as Ella

Over 30 crew, 5 actors, 6 locations, make-up vehicle, mobile production office, trailer for the actors, low loader, shooting on S16mm film – make no mistake, this was a short film project that was more like the scale of a feature length film. Not bad for my first major short film project.

There were of course some serious lessons learnt during the filming of Love Like Hers. We had to make some major compromises during production. Here’s the main lesson:

I knew going into this film that three days was incredibly ambitious to get all the coverage needed. This was a major problem. There was no way I could afford to push for a four or ideally a five day shoot. The budget was extremely tight. Love Like Hers was absolutely a five day shoot, minimum. The dreadful weather conditions on day one for our exterior location put us way behind schedule. We were on the back foot from there.

Despite the crew working flat out, the camera set-ups take much longer than I first thought, this meant we had to drop many camera set-ups that would have really helped get the coverage I originally wanted for my film. Just one of many compromises we had to make.

Therefore, looking back I should have done extra preparation in anticipation of dropping shots etc.

We also ended up approx. £1.5k over budget due to unforeseen expenses.

Let’s not lose sight of what this film was supposed to be – a learning experience, albeit a big one. Part one of a focused and ambitious five year plan – of course there were going to be mistakes.

Love Like Hers is now going through post-production. I’m in the process of cutting a rough edit, for my own peace of mind. Then I’ll be sending all the offline footage over to my editor in London for the main editing process. Generally, and despite everything that we were up against, I’m quite pleased with what we got.

Next on the agenda is my short thriller ‘P.I.’ and a serious attempt at winning an Oscar. I’ve already started working on developing the idea and hope to have a first draft of the screenplay in the next few months. It’s a period piece set in the 30s/40s. Keep your eye on the blog for more…

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  1. Phillip Gibb

    Wow 3 days. And already in Post Production? Awesome.
    I remember shooting a 20 minute short film for 4pm till midnight. At the end I was taking shortcuts and all I wanted to do was go home – as everyone else.


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