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In this day of arguments and disagreements over the whole ‘working for free’ in the film business, it was a real pleasure to receive an email from an actor who appeared in my first short film Angel Of The Night. He didn’t get paid.

But he was very happy to work for one day to help a new film maker. He, and everyone else, were well looked after and certainly weren’t taken advantage of.

Anyway, the email speaks for itself.

“Hi Danny,

Long time no see. Congrats on the new film hope it really works out well, it has great potential!

Angel of the Night seems like so long ago now, but I really enjoyed it, very well edited by the way. I must say the still shot Julian took has worked out so well, I have been inundated with work mainly from that one shot. Last year I did lead roles in Twelve shorts, one for the Leeds film Festival and one for The Royal Armouries, Two Commercials, The lead in a feature film Called “Vacation Hunter” which is now in post production and due for release later this year, and just finished filming a main support role in another feature. Also have been asked to audition for another feature next month with Jay Giannone  from The Departed, Three Kings, Gone baby Gone and Entourage. 

So all in all I thought I’d get in touch and say a deserved thank you.

Best wishes,
Frank Ryan”

You can see Angel of the Night, shot in 2009 with no budget HERE on my YouTube channel. Along with LOTS of other behind the scenes videos.

Thanks for stopping by.


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