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Today has been a fantastic and extremely productive day for my movie and TV ideas, and it’s still only 11am!

I made an early start on a pre-planned brainstorming session for a few of my projects. Firstly I wanted to look at some new ideas for my P.I. short film project. The ideas have been flowing at an alarming rate and I’ve made good ground on some additional ideas for the plot and the TWIST in the story. The brainstorming session bared fruit to some new and even better ideas for the story with a few more twists and turns. There’s now a more supernatural feel to my notes which I think really helps with telling the story. I’ll be working hard on these notes for a while longer before the first proper treatment!

The second part of today’s brainstorming session was to look at ideas for a TV series. Something that could compete with the big American TV blockbusters. After making lots of notes and messing about with several genre’s and ideas I’m sure I’m pretty close to landing on an interesting concept for a sci-fi/supernatural thriller. I’ll be spending some time on closing in on a clear outline for my TV series over the next few months.

On another note, I had some great PR this week after my name was included on the website of a renowned British film maker. Chris Jones made it into the last ten for this years short film category at the Oscars and has made three feature length films. Check out the following to see the articles (you might have to scroll a little to see my inclusions) www.chrisjonesblog.com and www.gonefishingseminar.com.

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