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I get quite a few requests for more information on my first major short film project, Love Like Hers. I looked at the many options available online, including setting up a bespoke and dedicated website for the film – too much work and expense. So, I opted for a Page dedicated to Love Like Hers on Facebook.

I didn’t want the bog standard fan page on Facebook, they’re a little bland. I wanted to customise the pages, tabs etc., and add my own graphics. After a little research, I discovered a way in which I could play with the look of the LLH fan page. To do this, I’d have to get down and dirty with HTML coding and the Facebook language of FBML (which isn’t actually that hard to master).

The FBML tabs allow you to add graphics, images, html code, embed video etc. In other words, really spruce up the look of the page.

Here’s a cool website that I found that has a much better explanation of how to work with FBML in Facebook (includes video tutorials). Just click on the link here.

So, if you are making a film and you have a fan page – it’s worth spending a moment or two to add more images and graphics. Be creative.

That leads me nicely on to the launch of the Love Like Hers Facebook page. Now online and packed with information about the film. Behind the scenes video and pictures, regular updates, events, cast and crew details and so much more. Please do visit the page and click on ‘Like’ – we would love to get over 300 fans in the very near future.

Click here for the Love Like Hers Facebook Page

It’s all part of the Social Media machine – ignore it at your peril.

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