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I’ve been fighting with IMDB for some time now, how do I get my films on there? Well finally, I think I’ve cracked it. Although, I’m pretty sure I’ve still got a lot to learn. Anyway, I’ll share what I know.

In this video blog I go through the process for setting up three of my short films on Withoutabox and IMDB. Withoutabox for film festival submissions and IMDB to raise the profile of the films.

It’s also important to have an IMDB page for each of the films, so I can credit all of the cast and crew involved. Always nice to add more experience to the CV.

Before starting anything, it’s important to have as much information about your film to hand as possible. Including all materials required (i.e. posters, scripts, trailers, video clips, stills etc). It will save you time.

Withoutabox and IMDB are part of the same family and work really well together, sharing information and resources. Here’s a quick outline of my process for updating and adding my films to these sites:

  • I start by adding the films to Withoutabox (adding a new project and including as much information about the film as possible).
  • The next step is to set-up the press kit for the film, inside Withoutabox.
  • There’s a link in WAB that will then take you over to IMDB where you can start adding information for your film page.

The video blog goes in to way more detail, starting with Withoutabox and moving on to IMDB.

I MUST STRESS: This is how I’ve been doing it, I’m not saying this is how you should do it, I’m sure most of you will find easier ways. If you do, please add the details in the comments below for us all to see. Also, I’ve not been paid by Withoutabox or IMDB, this is strictly an unbiased post. I’ll apologies in advance for any mistakes in my video. Everything has worked for me so far, so that will do for me.

Hope you find the video useful and don’t forget to follow my filmmaking progress at twitter.com/dannylaceyfilm. Sharing the whole filmmaking process online, part of The Filmmaker’s Journey.

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