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I’ve booked my ferry tickets for my visit to the Isle of Man next week. I’m heading over there to team up with a good filmmaker friend of mine to shoot the music video (on the Canon 5D) for the Love Like Hers song, Here Tomorrow. The song is composed by Niklas Aman, lyrics written by me and Niklas and vocals from Anna Goldsmith. The song features in one of the key scenes in the film and will of course be featured on the soundtrack to the film.

This is another innovative attempt to raise more funds for Love Like Hers. We will be ‘soft’ releasing the song within the next few weeks. As a digital audio download, and also as a music video download via a dedicated website. It is hoped that enough people will download the track and EVERY penny made from sales of the song will go towards the £10k needed to film Love Like Hers.

I’ll be doing a few live broadcasts from the Isle of Man to talk about our progress on the music video shoot. Keep your eye on my Twitter page and blog for days and times etc. The shows will be broadcast via my Livestream Channel.


Chris Jones
Executive Producer

It is with great pleasure that I can announce an exciting addition to the Love Like Hers team. Chris Jones has joined the team as Executive Producer. Chris is the author of the Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook, he’s an Oscar short listed filmmaker with three feature films under his belt! Chris is a well known and respected name in the industry and I am delighted to have him on the team. I’m sure his years of experience and wealth of knowledge and contacts will have incredible benefits for Love Like Hers.

To find out more about Chris, check out his blog here and if you are an indie filmmaker wanting to learn more about filmmaking, check out his making a world class short online course here. I’ve taken the course and have learnt so much from it!!


I’m deep into pre-production on Love Like Hers and have boldly decided to look into shooting on 35mm film. An opportunity has shown its face, so if EVERYTHING falls into place and there are NO major effects on the budget for my film I’ll be seriously considering shooting on film.

The problem I have at the moment is, I have all the resources available to me to shoot on Super 16mm film, and SOME of the resources for filming on 35mm. There’s some serious negotiations to be had to make 35mm a viable option for this film.

I must stress! I’m not looking at spending a fortune and breaking the £10k budget to shoot film. I will only shoot on film if I can get my hands on everything for nothing, or next to nothing. Again, only if EVERYTHING falls into place.

So, watch this space for more developments.

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