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I keep getting asked, ‘what’s next after Love Like Hers’? So, I thought I’d recap on my five year plan to establish myself as a respected film maker. The steep learning curve of several big production projects.

The idea was to give myself a focused plan off attack for my film career. Something to work towards. As an entrepreneur I come from a business background. For me it is important to treat film, as a business, as that’s exactly what it is – something often overlooked by many new film makers.

Here’s how I’m tackling my career for the next five years or so.

‘Love Like Hers’ 
My first major short film production. A budget of £10k that was raised through crowd funding. A 13-minute psychological thriller shot on S16mm. Shooting in September, we hope to have the film finished (including post) by December.

The film will be entered into a handful of festivals around the world.

‘Untitled Modern Musical’
A short modern, contemporary musical. The budget for this film will be somewhere in the region of £50k, and will be raised through private investment. We’ll be shooting this on 35mm and the film will be approx 20 minutes in duration.

I’ll be making a start on the script as soon as we wrap principal photography on Love Like hers. Pre-production will start January 2011 and I hope to be shooting the film later in 2011.

This will be my Oscar contender. I’ve done quite a lot of work on the story already, I had the idea several years ago. I really believe that this short film could win an Oscar, or at least get VERY close. The budget will be somewhere in the region of £50k. Again, like the last film this will be shot on 35mm.

This film will be shot in 2012.

‘Web Sci-Fi TV Series’
Another idea I had some years ago. An 8-part web exclusive TV series based on a very subtle Sci-Fi idea of mine. Not sure what the budget of this will be just yet. Looking at shooting this on the RED camera. Development of the story and pilot episode will take place in late 2011, early 2012.

‘Untitled Feature Film Development’
This will be my first feature film. At the moment I’m looking at an idea that I’ve called ‘Them’. A sci-fi/thriller film steeped in mystery. However, I have several ideas that I’d like to consider for feature film development.

And there it is. projects that should fill the next five years. Of course, no one quite knows what is around the corner. One of the above projects could open some doors that I wasn’t expecting and take me on a whole different journey. The above projects are to help establish my film career. Set my stall out as a film maker.

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More updates to come. Thanks for stopping by.


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