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Danny Lacey International Movie Trailer Festival


Host trailer is now playing at the International Movie Trailer Festival

The feedback from the teaser trailer for Host (not seen it yet? Scroll down) has been incredible, with over 13,000 views on YouTube and Vimeo. The trailer has done a great job at stirring up some interest for the final film, which is now in post-production.

In order to keep the interest going and raise the profile of the film even more, I decided to enter the trailer in to the International Movie Trailer Festival – that’s right, a festival for film trailers!

It’s all part of The Filmmaker’s Journey, an open and honest account of everything I’m going through as a filmmaker (via this blog, Twitter etc). This is the first time I’ve entered any of my projects in to a film festival, so a totally new experience for me, and quite an exciting one.

The trailer is now playing on the festival website and has been entered in to competition. These are the categories and prizes:

    • Grand Prize: $5,000 plus a meeting with an industry insider


    • Best Student Entry: $500 (I’m not a student so won’t be in this one)


    • Best Trailer for a not-yet-produced Movie: $500


    • Best Trailer in each of the four categories: Fiction, Documentary, Book, Web Series: $250


    • Best of the Festival Awards: The top dozen or so entries will be featured on IMTF’s website


    • People’s Choice Awards determined by voters on the IMTF site: $1,000

It would be out of this world amazing to win any of those with our little film, and you can help us do just that. By voting for the trailer on the IMTF website, you could help us get close to winning the People’s Choice Award. Only if you like the trailer of course.

Here’s how you vote. Follow the link below, register or login and then vote for the trailer video (it’s free and very easy to do). Every single vote counts to help us raise the profile of this film and all those involved with it.You’ll see the ‘vote’ button to the right of the trailer.


At the time of going to print, we have 3 votes on the site, which is great, the video only went live a short while ago.

So, please, with your help we stand a good chance of at least putting in a good effort for taking home the People’s Choice Award – our first award ever!

I’m not saying we are going to win anything, I just want to say that if we do win any of the bigger cash prizes, it will be split evenly with the cast and crew involved in the filming process. If, by chance, we win any of the smaller prizes, we’ll be using this to help fund the major Film Festival campaign for when the film is finished. Again, that’s IF we win anything. I’m just excited to be experiencing my first festival.

Thank you for your time and here’s hoping! Keep your eye on the blog for more updates.

Useful links: You can follow the International Movie Trailer Festival on Twitter here @trailerfest, there’s more updates on Host here http://www.facebook.com/hostfilm, and more filmmaking updates from me on Twitter here @dannylaceyfilm.


Here is the Trailer for Host

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