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It started life as Crash, a story about a UFO crashing into our planet and causing a few problems – but without the big space ships and humans dressed up as aliens and a few neat little twists and turns. However, after a visit to the Isle of Man and a brainstorming session with a film maker friend of mine the story became something COMPLETELY different all together!!

So the title Crash has been dropped and I’m referring to the screenplay as the Untitled Danny Lacey Trailer Project for now.

Without giving too much away, the story centres around a murder trial that on the inside looks cut and dry. However, there’s so much more to this story than meets the eye as sci-fi and the supernatural play a huge role in this mysterious murder case.

The screenplay I’m working on at the moment will be the trailer for what I’m hoping will eventually be a feature length movie.

I’ve just sent the screenplay to Dave in the Isle of Man for him to work on. I’ve started the casting process already for the main parts and have a few extremely talented actors in mind for the main roles. It won’t be long before I visit the Island to book locations, crew and equipment etc.

The target is to start the camera’s rolling in May 2009. We’d better get a move on!!

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