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I spent the Easter holiday in the Isle of Man (a small Island between the west coast of England and east coast of Ireland – was home to the BeeGees) finishing the second draft of my screenplay for Love Like Hers. I stayed with a very good friend of mine, the uber talented filmmaker/music producer Dave Armstrong (seen in the picture with his partner Christy). I’m extremely please to say that after two solid days of writing, I managed to FINISH the second draft. At times it was a breeze, other times I really had to push myself as I battled against mind-block and other various creative-blocks. But, in the end, I did it.

I’ll now just sit on it for a couple of days before going through it one more time. I might make the odd little tweak in places, but generally, it will be ready to send over to a talented and experienced writer for them to tidy it up and improve what I’ve done. Unfortunately, I can’t mention his name just yet, but soon I hope to reveal the identity of the mystery writer for Love Like Hers. Watch this space!

The feedback for Love Like Hers has been sensational! I’ve now gone through the whole of the story with a few people I know. Their feedback has been very, very good. They get the story, they LOVE the story, they’re sure I’m onto a winner with this story. I really can’t wait to get behind the camera and shout ACTION on this film. We’re getting there, one step at a time.

While I was out there I got to see Dave editing some of the footage to his short film Ghostgirl. A short film that he shot using the Canon 5D. It looks utterly amazing! The picture shows him working on the edit. Dave was also a guest on my last Live show, he answered questions about shooting on the Canon 5D, you should visit my Livestream channel and watch Episode 7 to see Dave talking about the Canon.

Also, Anna Goldsmith, another good friend of mine was working on the vocals for the Love Like Hers song, as composed by Niklas Aman, lyrics written by me and Niklas and vocals by Anna. There’s more to come on this little project and I’ll reveal all in good time. The picture you see here is Anna in Dave’s studio working on the vocals.

If you missed the last episode of my livestream show, an open account of my filmmaking journey, you can watch it again via my Livestream channel http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm. There was lots of interesting and inspiration stuff in the show. Including a very special guest indie filmmaker and user of the Canon 5D. There’s also more on the budget for Love Like Hers and a guest video from AD Lane of the Indywood Project. The next live show will be Friday 16th April at 6.30pm GMT UK. And watch out for a slightly different look for the show!! 

Thanks for stopping by, lots more to come.

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