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It’s been a crazy few weeks with little time to work on my various film projects. I can’t grumble though, work is busy with lots of corporate video production jobs coming in and needing my full attention – it’s what pays the bills!

Having said that, I can’t let my film projects be forgotten. I HAVE to make time to concentrate on the treatments, the screenplays and brainstorming more ideas. That’s easier said that done so I have made the choice to put several hours per week aside strictly for my film projects. The days and times are written in big red bold font in my diary as a reminder.

One of those days is Saturdays. So I’m looking forward to cracking on tomorrow with the Untitled Danny Lacey Trailer Project which is still in the outline stage (after my recent epiphany). The ideas are coming thick and fast and I reckon I’ll have nailed the outline pretty soon. I’m collaborating with a film maker friend of mine in the Isle of Man on this project.

I’m also in the process of building up a contacts book of film folk. Like minded people with a real drive to help out to get somewhere. If you’re starting out in the business and want to get involved on future film projects get in touch – dannylacey@stadamedia.com (i.e. DoP’s, lighting, producers etc.)

Watch this space for more.

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