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“You’ve got so many fingers in so many pies”, I hear that often when I chat to friends, family, and strangers about what I do. In fact, I dread being asked that question, “so, what do you do then?”, how long you got?

It’s true, I’ve got so many things to look after at the moment. Finding the right balance between the many projects, business commitments and a personal life can be difficult at times. However, I think I’ve found right balance to enable me to divide my time between business, film and a personal life.

It’s a very busy time for me right now. My business, Stada Media, is my main priority after launching the new video production service. This is what will pay the bills!

The many film projects I’m working on right now is also dividing up my time. My film career is moving forward at a very fast pace and I wouldn’t want that to change. I’m very close to picking up the camera and shooting my first few major short movie projects. On top of this I’m developing several screenplay ideas. There’s my short detective thriller, the movie trailer and now a TV series!!

I’ll be disclosing a little more on there projects (especially the TV series idea I’ve had) soon.

Also, can’t forget the Coldplay music video which is being shot on Monday 17th November!! Very excited about this, I’ve almost got the cast and crew sorted. If all goes according to plan many thousands will see the end product! Fingers crossed!!

Thanks for visiting!

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