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7-days before camera rolls on Host.

It appears that time passes a little more hastily as you get closer to day 1 of filming. So, I must type fast as time is very much in short supply with 7 days to go before filming begins on Host.

This video update is a little insight into where we’re at with Pre-Production.

Production Design

I think things are going according to plan. There are two locations on Host. The majority of the film will be shot in a large living room. There’s also one very short shot in the film in front of a showbiz style theater dressing room mirror.

The living room is sorted. However, my original location for the dressing room mirror fell through today as the owner of the property decided to charge a fortune for a few hours filming. We don’t have a budget so that put an end to that. So, 7 days to go and now I need to come up with an alternative for that one shot. All we need is a mirror surrounded by light bulbs – how hard can that be?

There’s work to be done for our living room location. The room will be emptied of everything and replaced with an armchair, an old television, some lamps as well as the rather large windows being boarded up. There doesn’t seem to be any major issues here so far. I’ve got my hands on most of the props. All I need to get are the restraints that will hold our main actor in the armchair.


Philip Bloom is DP on Host (and boy are we excited about this) and will be working with most of his own kit. We’re shooting on the RED EPIC (another reason to be excited). I’m going to be chatting to Philip soon to go through lighting ideas and camera set-ups. As well as discuss the incredibly tight shooting schedule. We have one day to film 8 pages of screenplay. It can be done!

We need some hefty lighting to get the blast of light coming through the boarded up windows. I’ve managed to get my hands on a 2.5K and 1.2K HMI, as well as some kino lighting (just in case). Of course, Philip may have other ideas for lighting our location.

Facebook Page

I’ll be sharing even more pre-production updates on the new Facebook page where we’re close to 100 followers already. If you’re in to the film making process do take a look here http://www.facebook.com/hostfilm

We’re filming Host on Saturday 15th October, we may even livestream some of the day! Watch this space.

Thanks for stopping by.


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  1. Mark Morris

    Tense days ahead!

    Good luck Danny. I like the idea of securing the main actor. Still. Low budget we have to do these things. 😉


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