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After what has been a manic (understatement) few weeks working on various projects for my business – Stada Media – I have decided to take a few days off over the Easter weekend.

When I say take a few days off what I actually mean is spend lots of time on my various film projects.

I’ll be coming up with ideas for a title to the currently Untitled Danny Lacey Trailer Project. I’m also putting together a film proposal to go with this film project – I hope to use this document to generate interest amongst potential sponsors and business partners. That’s not all. I hope to shoot my major short film project P.I. in early 2010 and will be spending more time on the outline and treatment ready to make a start on the first draft of the screenplay. I’m really excited about P.I. and how the plot, twists and turns and characters have developed over the last few months.

If there’s any time left after all that I hope to write an outline for another TV series idea I’ve had. So as you can see – the projects and the ideas are stacking up which is great news!

Here’s what I’m working on at the moment:

  • ‘Untitled Danny Lacey Trailer Project’ – mystery sci-fi thriller.
  • ‘P.I.’ – supernatural.
  • ‘TV Series idea #1’ – mother nature.
  • ‘TV Series idea #2’- keeping this under wraps for now.
  • ‘Fiver’ – experimental short

Lots to do, plenty to keep me busy. Keep checking the blog for more updates.

Happy Easter!

Thanks for visiting.

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