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It was about 18-months ago that I decided I was ready to make a real go of my film making career. To dedicate as much time as I could to writing, directing and making movies. I’ve learnt so much during those 18-months and have arrived at a stage in which I feel comfortable, and wise enough, to map out the next 24-months of my film making career.

I think it is so very important, and often missing from most new film makers, to have targets, a realistic plan of action, something to aim for.

This is what I’ve settled on, a plan that I think will push my career forward in the right direction. A plan that will deliver the valuable experience and exposure needed to be taken seriously as a ‘one to watch’ writer/director in the UK.

The following details my targets, goals and ambitions for the next 24-months, a realistic plan in my opinion, knowing my strengths and weaknesses as well as I do.

THE PLAN 2010:

1) I’ll write and direct two short films (up to 5 minutes each), both with high production values. One of those short films will be an action packed thriller, the other an emotional and tragic love story.

2) I want to direct a high production music video for a rock or pop band.

3) I’ll be putting the finishing touches to a 20 minute screenplay for a MAJOR short film project that I hope to shoot as director in 2011. It’s this short film that I will be entering into major film festivals around the globe, the ultimate target will be to qualify for an Oscars nomination. I’ll also have to start the fund raising early in 2010 as I estimate I’ll need £15,000 to make this film.

4) In the meantime I’ll be developing several TV and Film ideas.


1) To film my MAJOR short film and qualify it for the Oscars 2012!

2) I want to have at least FIVE solid outlines/treatments for ideas for feature length films.

3) It’s during this year that I want to have pitched at least one of my TV ideas to a major TV production company.

4) Making all the right contacts, and trying to be in the right place at the right time, I’d like to direct a music video for a big name singer or band.

…and there it is. A list of things I want to aim for AND achieve over the next two years. I’m going to have to stretch myself even further to reach my goals, but that won’t stop me from getting where I want to be.

Here we go then, the journey hots up.

Thanks for visiting.


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