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I’m currently working on a video documentary aimed at new film maker’s (like myself). The documentary will be made in various sections, covering the different phases of making a short film, from developing the script to post-production. All based on my experiences so far over the last few years.

There will be LOTS of behind the scenes videos and interviews with cast and crew on Love Like Hers, my first major short film project (currently in post-production). I’ll also be lining up interviews with seasoned film making professionals. I can promise you that this documentary will be PACKED with videos that will help educate, inspire and motivate new and ambitious film maker’s.

The documentary will also dig deep into the technical aspect of shooting a film, crowd funding, using social media to promote your projects and so much more.

‘The Film Maker’s Journey (Part 1)’ coming early 2011

I haven’t quite decided what the fee will be for this online experience as yet, but I reckon we’re looking at something in the region of £50 for unlimited access – it will be worth every penny.

I’m also hoping to bring back the regular live show via my Livestream Channel. Just working on a few ideas to freshen up the format of the show. There will be a live show before Christmas and then in the New Year a whole new look live show.

Thanks for stopping by and don’t forget to check out the many cool film making videos on my You Tube channel.

On Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/dannylaceyfilm

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