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It’s the first real taste of rejection, but it feels good.

I was asked to pitch for the role of director on a short film project with a six figure budget, titled ‘Reflections’. I found out today that I didn’t get the gig, but got very close. The client opted for a director with more experience.

Yes, I’m gutted I didn’t get the job, but at the same time incredibly proud of what I was able to offer in the pitch. It’s only been a few years since my film making journey began, yet I was able to demonstrate work and knowledge that show just how far I’ve come in a very short space of time.

I ended up in London pitching in Madonna’s old office in Kensington for the chance to Direct a big production short film – that makes me smile.

I don’t think there is much more I could have done in the short space of time I had. I had under 7 days to put the pitch together, as well as looking after the day job etc. For the pitch I produced a presentation document that included my vision for the film, as well as storyboards (produced by Andrew Lamb) and the pre-vizualisation of a scene from the film.

Here’s what I took with me:

  • 12 page ‘a directors pitch’ document
  • 15 storyboards of various scenes from the screenplay
  • Pre-Viz video of one of the key scenes
  • Director showreel video
  • Various clips from several of my short films

Ideally, if I’d have had the time I would have filmed a full scene from the film with actors etc.

The reason I feel good right now is, this has been like a kick up the backside. I’ve got things to prove, not only to myself, but to everyone following my journey right now. It makes me even more hungry for success, even more determined and focused. I don’t just want to make the odd short film and commercial here and there. I want to make big, commercially successful films and I won’t stop until the powers-that-be stop and take note of what’s happening over at camp Danny Lacey Film.

Next up…

We’re submitting a project for the iFeatures2 scheme, there are just two weeks left to finish putting the documents together for submission. Our team of writer, producer and director will be working on a feature film idea of mine. Watch this space.

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