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It’s been a while since my last blog post. The honest reason for this lack of blog action is I’ve been so very busy with work (you know, the thing that is supposed to pay the bills).

I have been doing all I can to squeeze in some film development during the odd quiet time. There are three main things that I’m working on right now, and they are:

1. The screenplay for my next short film project – a romantic love story (coming along nicely thank you).
2. A crazy idea I’ve had for an 8-part web series (a BIG mystery, suspense, thriller of an idea – working title ‘Recall’).
3. An ‘Investment Proposal’ document that I hope will stir some interest in the business community for sponsoring my career development for the next two years. I will be showing you guys this document on the blog when it’s done.

Just in case you are new to my blog, and can’t be arsed to read old posts (and who can blame you), my next short film project will be shot in spring 2010. I want to shoot this on the RED camera, so will be looking into raising a little cash on the run up to production. More on this soon.

Thanks for visiting, the support I’m getting is unreal – hope I can reach the movie making goals that I’ve set and make you all proud!


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