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I’ve been carrying my stills camera and small camcorder around with me as often as I can. You never know when an opportunity will rear its head! I dropped my car off at the garage earlier this week, this left me without a car for a while so I decided to walk the long journey back home. It was a lovely sunny day and on the long journey back I passed a lovely old church and graveyard. I thought I’d visit the grounds of the church for a nosey.

As I was reading some of the epitaphs, I had an idea for a very short film based on music and images. So I started clicking away on my stills camera, hope this isn’t illegal, I didn’t step on any of the graves! Reading the epitaphs had an emotional effect on me, you get drawn into the meaning of the messages. You start to build a picture of who this person was and who they left behind etc. I wanted to see if I could relay any of that emotion onto the screen using the stills, epitaphs and music.

It’s an experiment – who knows what will come of it. I hope to start editing sometime tomorrow. Once it’s done I’ll upload it onto this page for all to see. That’s subject to change of course depending on what I end up with!

Check back to find out what happens, or not lol!

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