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Episode 9 of the Live show, feels like only two minutes since I was putting together the first ever episode, and the FIRST of its kind for an indie filmmaker.

For first time viewers, The Filmmaker’s Journey is a fortnightly show, an open and honest account of my journey as a new filmmaker. You’ll hear all about my latest film projects, things I’m learning and experiencing, lots of behind the scenes videos and some AMAZING guest videos from other filmmaker friends. I want to share my experience in the hope that it will inspire and educate others.
On this episode of The Filmmaker’s Journey:
  • Leoni Kibbey, Casting Director for my next film project Love Like Hers, talks about joining the team and some very handy casting tips.
  • There’s the latest on the development of the screenplay for Love Like Hers.
  • I reveal the name of another NEW member of the Love Like Hers filmmaking team (someone who is going to launch our presence into outer space!)
  • I’ll be talking about my experiences using Twitter and having a blog to promote my projects.
  • We’re counting down the days to ANOTHER first for an indie filmmaker, the 24 hour live fundraising show, I’ll be disclosing more about that show later.
  • Indie GoGo versus doing it on your own for raising funds for your film. Important news.
  • Check out the amazing behind the scenes video from Ed Dark, writer and director of a short film that was made for the IMAX screen, called Chasing Cotards.
  • PLUS! Duncan Jones (writer and director of the hit film ‘Moon’ and forthcoming ‘Source Code’) says YES to appearing on a future show. Find out more on today’s show.
And let’s not forget the chat room, please do get involved, chat and network with other indie filmmakers, make friends and build up your contacts list.
Please do tell you family, friends, associates, colleagues, neighbours, their neighbours and anyone you know to come and join in this incredible journey. Help me spread the word and build a fabulous little indie filmmaking community.
Enjoy the show and thanks for your support. Before you leave this page, please do join the mailing list for the odd exclusive email eNewsletter update. You’ll see the subscribe button on the right.

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