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Today I reached a milestone in my filmmaking career for sure. The signing of a professional and legally binding agreement between myself and Niklas Aman, composer for my next short film – Love Like Hers. The first I’ve had to deal with.

Fortunately, Niklas has many years of experience working with similar contracts and so this process was made incredibly stress free. There were just a few sections of the agreement that needed a tiny bit of negotiation but other than that, the contract was spot on.

Basically, the agreement covers the parties involved for the musical compositions for Love Like Hers, compensation in relation to any profit sharing, rights, relationship of parties, additional provisions etc.

I don’t want to go into too much detail with regards the contractual arrangement between myself and Niklas, just to say that Niklas has been incredibly generous in what he has offered to do for Love Like Hers.

So, what does this mean for the film?

It means I have a talented composer with many years experience AND a film credit for his music onboard for Love Like Hers. This is going to lift my film into a whole new league. ALL music for the film will be custom made from scratch, which means I don’t have to use pre-made production library tracks.

Niklas is currently working on ‘sketching’ ideas for the music based on a mood board I sent over.

We are currently working on a few EXCITING music based PR ideas. Can’t wait to tell you more about this!!

More news to come in my next LIVE! Indie Filmmaker show which will be THIS Friday (19th Feb) at 6.30pm GMT UK. Here’s the link http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm 

Thanks for visiting, stay close as there’s PLENTY more to come.


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