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Taking ideas from my imagination and getting them down on paper

In this blog post, I share the process I have developed for getting ideas down on paper and turning them in to a short film.

To date, I have written three short film screenplays, I’m developing a screenplay for what will be my Oscar project short film, I’m also working on a TV series idea and a feature film.

I’ve been mentored in the whole screen writing process by the incredibly talented Danny Stack. I’ve learned a lot from Danny and my advice to any new filmmaker would be, find an experienced writer and ask, politely, for their help. It’s an essential part of the development process for any filmmaker.

The sections I cover in this video blog are:

1. The initial idea – where do I get my inspiration from?
2. Adding interesting characters to the story
3. Building the world in which your story is based
4. Story beats
5. Scenes
6. Fine tuning the idea

Note: I use Celtx to write my screenplays.

Thanks for stopping by and please do take a moment to look around the website, you’ll find lots of behind the scenes videos, interviews, video blogs and so much more. I’ve recently updated the blog with new pages and information – check out the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

And don’t forget to check out the teaser trailer for my latest short film ‘Host’, online here.


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