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As every moment of pre-production, production and post-production passes on Love Like Hers I can feel myself growing as a film maker. And I can see myself becoming quite an awkward perfectionist in the coming years as my career develops, or maybe it’s just part of the ageing process? Never quite satisfied unless I get ‘that’ shot I want for my film, I’ll be trusting and acting upon those instincts as the projects come. After all, I plan on reaching the top in this industry and I won’t be getting there anytime soon if every thing’s just ‘okay’.

I was concerned (here comes the perfectionist) that we didn’t get all the coverage needed for the edit on Love Like Hers. Only having three days to shoot to blame. So, I decided that I was going to put together my own very rough cut of the film. Just to put my own mind at rest. I was starting to worry here!

My own rough edit of the film is done. And let’s make no mistake about it, this version is incredibly rough and very far away from what I want for this film. Having said that, It makes me feel a little better about having to drop so many shots and being beaten by the rain on day one of shooting. Yes, I’m going to miss the bits we didn’t shoot, but I do believe that when my editor gets his hands on this and adds his bit of magic, we’ll end up with a very nice little film.

There are a few stand out moments even in this rough edit that I’m very happy with, and I just know they’re going to work incredibly well emotionally in the final edit.

The next job is for me to send all of the offline DVCam tapes to editor Mark Talbot-Butler in London and then sit and wait to hear his thoughts for the edit. He’s an experienced and incredibly talented editor and I’m looking forward to seeing what he can do with the seventy odd minutes of footage we got.

Thanks for stopping by. Plenty more updates to come as we move through post on Love Like Hers and develop my NEXT short film, my Oscar contender ‘P.I.’ We’re heading in the right direction that’s for sure!


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