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It’s been an eventful few weeks to say the least. So much going on right now, so many ideas, projects on the go etc., etc. Here’s a quick update on a few filmmaking developments:

Niklas Aman Interview. 
If you missed my last LIVE show, you will have missed my Skype interview with the uber talented composer, Niklas Aman. Niklas is the latest addition to the Love Like Hers filmmaking team. He will be composing the music for my short film, and I’m very excited about that.

Click on the following link to hear the interview on my You Tube page http://www.youtube.com/user/dannylaceyfilm

Also on there you will see the video interview with my Director of Photography, David Beaumont.

Love Like Hers Screenplay Update.
I have finished the first draft! the next step is for me to now go through and make notes on areas for improvement, and I intend on being brutal to my own work. The screenplay is currently 30 pages long, I need it to be between 15 – 20.

Pioneering Live Show. 
I’m sure this will be a first for an Indie Filmmaker. A one-hour show on my Livestream channel to raise $1,000 towards my next short film. It’s happening this coming Friday, 12th Feb, at 6.30pm GMT UK time. Please, please do join me and help spread the word. If this works, it could be used by other filmmakers!!

Here’s the link http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm  

RED vs Canon as the format for Love Like Hers
The original plan was to shoot my next short film on the RED camera. However, recent developments has meant me reconsidering, having weighed up all the pro’s and cons, my options for the type of camera we will be using. It’s looking very likely that I will be going down the Canon 5D/7D kit route. More on this to come.

The coming months are looking incredibly exciting, my journey has attracted a lot of attention recently and a few doors are being unlocked and poised for opening!!

Keep your eye on the blog for an open and honest account of my filmmaking journey.

Thanks for stopping by.


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