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Niklas Aman / Composer

Things are slowly returning to some kind of normality after what has been the craziest January and February on record (for me anyway). Moving house, Jury Service, major corporate video projects and so on.

Time to get back to the business of making films and sharing the experience.

Niklas Aman, the composer on my short film Love Like Hers has a cool new widget from his website that does a fantastic job of showcasing his music and I wanted to share it with you.

This is a great way of getting your work ‘out-there’ via embedding. Something I’ll be looking into more in the coming months for my film projects.

Anyway, Niklas is one of the most talented musicians/composers I’ve come across and I’m such a big admirer of his work and I just wanted to share some of his work with you. In the hope that you feel inspired to contact him and use his work on your future projects.

Check out Niklas’ website here

Keep your eye on the blog, lots of interesting film updates on the horizon, including – the live show will be returning soon (new look, new format), a NEW online experience for new film makers,  news on the Love Like Hers premiere screening and release date and so much more!

Thanks for stopping by.

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