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May is getting closer and there’s still lots to do to get the Untitled Danny Lacey trailer Project into a fit state for filming.

Draft one of the screenplay has been done incorporating all the new ideas. Dave Armstrong, who I’m collaborating with on this project, is currently chipping away at the screenplay ready for the second draft.

I’m now looking at the production equipment ‘wish list’. This is what I’d ideally like to shoot the movie with. We don’t have the budget to shoot on 35mm film at this stage. So shooting in High Definition is our main option. I’m looking at the Sony CineAlta series of cameras, particularly the F35 model (see above) using 35mm lenses. I’ll upload the list onto the blog when it’s done.

Once the list is compiled it’s then time to get in touch with film rental companies and beg for extra special deals on the rental of equipment on our wish list. There’s no budget so I’m looking into sponsorship ideas.

The film industry certainly seems to be moving in the direction of individual sponsorship deals. Businesses buying into individual film makers and helping them progress with their projects and hoping to recoup any money through the success at the box office. It is a gamble but it is worth it especially when the initial outlay is so minimal in comparison to the potential publicity for the business involved. So this is one avenue I’ll be looking at over the next few months. The plan is to find a business person with aspirations of investing in a film project. It has been done before!!

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