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I’ve had the pleasure of working with some incredibly talented, experienced and supportive individuals over the last few years. People willing to give up their valuable time to help a new filmmaker.

Right from the word go, I pledged my loyalty to those willing to go out on a limb and support my filmmaking journey. That pledge was to return the favour wherever possible, to work with them on future projects (the ones with budgets) and so on.

John Guilor was one of the first to support me as a new filmmaker. I cast John in my first short film, Angel of the Night. More recently, John appeared in my short film Host as the voice and mouth of the ‘kidnapper’. John will also be involved with my next and final low-budget short film, That Day.

Over the coming months I’ll be posting a series of blogs that feature various individuals that have supported me during the early stages of my career. These are individuals that I am sure will be of interest to you. They’re great people, and you should make a note of their contact details as you never know when you might be needing someone like them on your project.

John Guilor (Voice Over Artist / Actor)
A unique, versatile and incredibly talented voice over artist! You will have heard his voice on TV commercials, TV shows, in popular computer games, audiobooks and many other places.  John has also had various acting roles on several TV shows as well as theatre productions.

To hear John’s latest Voice Over Reel click here. To see John’s Acting Showreel click here.

Now here is something very exciting that John has been working on recently, something that will excite most (if not all) Doctor Who fans. Read on.

In 1964 the Doctor Who serial ‘Planet Of Giants’ was reduced from a 4 part story to a 3 part story at the request of Head of Serials at the BBC, Donald Wilson (see original letter below). The material was edited and the lost scenes were destroyed.

In 2011, 2/Entertain and BBC Worldwide made the decision to produce a reconstructed version of the story by inserting the newly recorded scenes back into the original material – the visuals will more than likely be animation or photo stills of the original cast.

John Guilor is playing the role of the first Doctor (as originally played by William Hartnell) along with Katherine Mount as Barbara Wright and the surviving original cast members  РCarole Ann Ford as Susan and William Russell as Ian Chesterton (scroll down to see pictures).

As a result of this project, John was asked to provide impersonations of the second Doctor, Patrick Troughton for a special feature on the upcoming DVD release of The Krotons.

Also in 2011, John played the part of the third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, the fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, the sixth Doctor, Colin Baker and the eighth Doctor, Paul McGann in a production of the Eight Doctors. This project was a privately financed production by well known record producer and Doctor Who enthusiast Ian Levine. It is not clear what will happen to this animated film once complete – whether it is to be released commercially or to remain in the hands of private collectors. Watch this space.

Below is an audio clip in which you will hear John’s ‘William Hartnell’ impersonation, on top of other impersonations of Patrick McGoohan as Number 6 from The Prisoner, Paul Darrow as Avon from Blake’s 7, Gerald Harper from Adam Adamant Lives! and the fourth Doctor Who, Tom Baker. Enjoy, then after scroll down the page for more info.

If you are ever looking for a talented and versatile voice over or actor, please do consider John Guilor. He’s an amazing guy, enthusiastic, professional, incredibly talented with bags of experience.

You can email John here guilor@btinternet.com or call 07946 263388. Don’t forget to mention that you found him on this blog.

Thanks for stopping by.


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