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There was a lot learnt during this project. The biggest lesson was casting! I really liked the initial idea i had for the music video and needed 15 or more people to make it work. Up until Sunday evening I had the 15!! Monday arrived and only half turned up. This meant that I wasn’t going to be able to tell the story as I originally wanted and had to do the best with what I had on the day.


Next was the lack of time. I’d have loved to have spent the whole day (with a full cast) getting it perfect. However, because people had to be places at certain times there was NO time to rehearse or to shoot many takes to perfect each section of the video. This is what you’re up against when you ask people to very kindly donate their time to your project without being paid!! On the positive side, it was great to work with a group of people and direct.


Finally, there was a small technical issue with the camera. The aperture setting had a life of its own and not one I’d given it!! This however wasn’t clear during the rushed shoot on the video monitor i was using – only spotted during port production. Fortunately, I’ve just purchased the brilliant Sony HVR-A1E HDV camera and will be using this for ALL future projects – it’s an amazing camera.


All-in-all I was pleased with what the team produced with the resources we had on the day and a very big thank you to everyone who was involved!!!!!


Thanks again for visiting!!

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