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Monday is the big day. The music video shoot for the Coldplay Lost music video competition.

There’s still a few things to sort before Monday. I’ll be spending most of tomorrow (Friday) going through everything and making sure I have everything covered for Monday – plenty to do then!

Remember, this is all part of the bigger picture for my movie making career. The main lesson being learnt on this project is the troubles with casting! Specifically, casting with no budget. I’m still a few people short for a full cast for the shoot. This leaves me having to pick up the phone and dial around to find willing participants. I need approximately eight at the moment – of a variety of ages and gender.

I’ve decided to have an emergency back up plan just in case members of the cast don’t turn up. Let’s be honest, this is very likely! So, I’ll be looking at ideas that will enable me to make the most of a smaller number of people.

ALSO: I’ll have an update on the movie trailer idea (‘Crash’) for you shortly. This is really exciting, I’ve made more changes to the screenplay (currently on Draft #3). A storyboard artist has very kindly offered to storyboard the screenplay for me which is fantastic! The plan is to visit the Isle of Man in January to scout for locations, cast and crew and to shoot in April 2009.

Thanks for visiting!

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