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Make-up van used on Love Like Hers

There’s a very good chance, being the optimist, that the edit on Love Like Hers will be completed within the next two weeks. It’s taken slightly longer than I’d hoped, but finally, we’re close.

This means, it’s time for me to reignite my role as producer on this film, to get the project finished, and there’s a stack of jobs to be done.

Once Mark (editor) has sent me the final edit, a dialogue only version will be sent to Niklas Aman (composer) in Sweden. Niklas is the incredibly talented composer who will be adding an incredible soundtrack to this film. I can’t stress just how excited I am at hearing the music Niklas is producing for Love Like Hers.

Niklas will then send over all the music and other tech elements to the dubbing mixer.

We’re editing off of DVCam footage at the moment (offline). I need to find a production house willing to help us get, using the EDL, the film into an online form. I’ve also got a full resolution copy of all the shot footage on HDCamSR (with timecode). All we need to do is marry up the EDL and online video.

There are several effects sequences in the film. I’ll need to send the appropriate high res footage over to Russ Wharton who will be looking after the CGI work. He’ll check the quality of the HDCamSR footage, hopefully this will be good enough for the work he needs to carry out. However, if it’s not, I’ll need to get back to the labs and see if they could convert the shots into DPX files.

There maybe some little extra bits of dialogue I need to slot into the film, I’ll have a better idea of what’s needed once the latest edit comes back. If this is the case, I’ll be arranging dates and times for a recording session with the actors. Mike Aiton is our award winning Dubbing Mixer. It feels like centuries ago that I was chatting to Mike, in pre-production, about the sound on Love Like Hers. We’re now getting closer to mixing the sound. Mike will be bringing all the different sound elements together in a nice tight mix and adding his magic touch (i.e. dialogue, Foley, music, effects etc).

Where are we going to have the film graded and mastered? That’s a very good question, and one I’m hoping to have an answer for in the near future. I desperately need a production house (probably in London) to take pity on me and want to help out. This is where my blagging producer skills will be tested to the limit.

I’m hopeful that we can get a professional grade on the film. It would be great to have a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) copy of the film, but more realistically, it’ll be a very high res version supplied on hard drive.

It’s back to hitting the phones and email. If you know of a facilities house that would be willing to help – please do email me here.  

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