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So, I’m currently working on several projects in an attempt to establish myself as a respected film maker. Hopefully, within the next three years. All is going according to plan thus far!

The dream is to have one of my films projected onto the big screen in front of large audiences and for them to have a fabulous cinema experience. That, and the need to tell entertaining stories on film!

The only problem I’ve got at the moment is… I regularly visit the cinema, and more often than not I am left annoyed, disappointed and extremely frustrated. Maybe it’s just me?

There are several factors that I think are eating away at the whole cinema experience and if we don’t address the issues quickly more and more will opt for DVDs in the comfort of their own home!

Let me start with a lack of respect by a hand full of cinema goers. Why pay nearly £10 (tickets, popcorn, drinks etc) and talk all the way through the movie?? It’s usually the younger demographic that cause discomfort during the movie with mobile phones, chatting and various other activities. In more cases than many it goes un-noticed by the cinema staff. This leaves the majority of the audience feeling a little uneasy at what is happening in the seats behind them. Meaning they can’t relax and enjoy what’s on the screen in front of them.

The next item on my ever expanding list, and remember, all I want to do is go to the cinema and be entertained by a great movie! Not have to worry about a group of teenagers on the back row starting a riot during the film. Anyway, other things that irritate me, and these can me managed easily, are the technical cock-ups that happen at 9 out of the last 10 movies I’ve seen. Not all at the same cinema.

These technical ‘mishaps’ include the film not being in focus, or aligned on the screen properly. There’s been dubbing issues, lip sync – out of sync etc. I felt motion sickness during the last movie I saw because the projector must have been suspended on elastic or something the picture was moving about so much!!!!

It’s attention to detail, and simple details at that. Come on, surely in the ever competitive world of cinema, DVDs and TV you’d think the cinema chains would go all out to make sure that people like me would want to return again and again?!?!?

Rant over… for now!

On a more positive note. My girlfriend literally dragged me out to the cinema to watch Mamma Mia. Not exactly my cup of tea, however, I can appreciate why so many people enjoyed watching the movie. The thing I noticed more than anything whilst watching Mamma Mia, was the audience. A mixture of older women (mainly groups) and lots of more mature couples, all enjoying a feast on the big screen. The atmosphere was fantastic, a proper cinema experience!

Thanks for visiting…

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