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I’m at sprinting pace with the production of my short two minute horror film ‘Angel of the Night’. There’s a real buzz that goes with the organisation of such a project – making new contacts, meeting new people, getting positive feedback etc.

Let’s start with casting. The screen tests for the main parts are next Wednesday evening at 7pm. Already I have a number of keen actors wanting to get involved. Having gone through the many actors that showed an interest, I’ve selected a hand full for the screen tests that I think fit the roles.

It’s essential that I get an enthusiastic and talented crew together to help out on the filming day, albeit a very small one at that. I’ve made contact with several professionals and most of them are more than keen – which is great news. Nobody has shouted at me yet for asking for freebies (touch wood)!!

I’m looking for a small crew that features a DoP, sound recordist, runners, make up & wardrobe person and stills photographer.

After looking at the calendar I’ve pencilled in a couple of dates for principle photography. I’m looking at Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th September. The film has to be shot and edited before Friday 18th September. I’m wanting to enter it into a competition – I’ll tell you more about that very soon.

I’ll be starting a video blog of the whole event in the near future.

It’s great to have you on board for the journey and thanks for stopping by the blog!!

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