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Time to place the graphic designer and marketing hat on my head. As it stands we’re still a few months away from unleashing my first short film project, Love Like Hers out into the World. Yet, the film doesn’t have any real presence as far as branding is concerned.

Love Like Hers doesn’t have any marketing tools at this moment in time. I’m talking about a film poster, using that killer stills image from the film. An image that will be used on most forms of marketing and packaging. Then there’s the font and logo, in this case the title of the film. A logline. And so on.

Here’s my plan to combat the lack of marketing and branding tools for Love Like Hers.

First, I’m going to gather the best stills from the film, along with other images that are connected to the story, and other elements that could be an insight into the World in which this film is set. Then, I’ll tackle the font for the title of the film. I’ll then get to work on a rough, outline design for the poster. This will involve me working on several ideas for the ‘look’ of the poster. The next process will be to short list the best designs and ask for feedback, field research you might say.

The most popular design ‘look’ will then be tweaked until 100% satisfied. This will become the basis and point of reference of the Love Like Hers marketing tool kit. It’s the elements, and design layout that will be used in other promotional literature and indeed on the DVD/Blu-Ray cover.

A new Love Like Hers website will be launched soon, featuring the new branding.

Love Like Hers will be released on DVD and Blu-Ray in 2011, packed with extra behind the scenes features.

UPDATE: I’ll be bringing you more news on The Film Maker’s Journey PART 1 soon. A new and innovative online portal for new film makers. It takes sharing the film making journey to a whole new level. Keep your eye on the blog.

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