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After what has been a very hectic few weeks it’s back to the serious business of finishing the screenplay for Love Like Hers. My business, the thing that pays the bills, has taken up lots of time recently.  I’m right in the middle of launching a new music video service from my business – Stada Media. Last Saturday I shot a music video that marks the launch of our music video services (see picture).

The great thing is, the music video was shot on the Canon 5D, the camera that will be used on my next film. We got some amazing shots on the day and I thoroughly enjoyed playing the roles of producer, director, cinematographer, cameraman and now editor. despite it being a VERY long day taking in five different locations and five different set-ups. Worth all the effort though I have to say.

Back to writing. The Love Like Hers screenplay is currently at draft 2.1 and after a lengthy discussion with Danny Stack, script editor, we have some exciting new developments to work on for the next draft. We needed to find the heart of the story, working on the characters and their journeys. At the moment the screenplay is a little plot heavy. A decision has been made to strip the screenplay back, ridding it of a few characters and scenes to concentrate on a slightly new angle for my original idea and indeed the emotional journey of the characters, especially our protagonist, Ella.

We now have a very strong basis for a compelling and gripping story with some VERY interesting moments.

Another very important reason for wanting to get the third draft of the screenplay finished is the casting process. Working with Casting Director Leoni Kibbey we now have some exciting names to approach for the main parts in this movie. However, we can’t do this until we have the next draft of the screenplay. I’m hoping to finish draft 3 within the next few weeks.

NEWS: The next live show is THIS Friday (14th May). This will be Episode 10, that’s right – 10!! of The Filmmaker’s Journey. I’ve got another fab show lined up for you, I’ll be launching the NEW Love Like Hers website during the show, I’ll also be trying something very new during this weeks live show and so much more. Please do tune and and help spread the word. Here’s the link to my Livestream Channel http://www.livestream.com/dannylaceyfilm

Many thanks for your continued support and please do watch this space for more updates.


email: dannylacey@stadamedia.co.uk

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