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I’ve just returned back from a short trip to Prague. A nice relaxing city break was just what was needed to recharge the batteries. I found the city inspiring, Prague is an incredibly ‘cinematic’ city and would be a perfect backdrop for a short or feature length movie and the beer’s very cheap too – bonus!

So the holiday is over and it’s back into my little office with a bump. Back to reality – lots of Stada Media work to catch up on (including various video projects), a trillion emails to sift through, food shopping because the fridge is empty and not forgetting having to unpack the suitcases!!

I’ll be picking up from where I left off on my various film projects. This includes the screenplay for the Untitled Danny Lacey Trailer Project, pre-production for the Morley Town Centre project, my TV series outline and so many more ideas. Where to start??

Top of the list is the screenplay for the Untitled Danny Lacey Trailer Project, I’ll be putting the finishing touches to the story outline before making a start on the first draft of the screenplay. I still hope to have the camera rolling for this in April/May this year on the Isle of Man.

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